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Global Enabling Trade Report 2012

Global Enabling Trade Report 2012

Reducing Supply Chain Barriers

Robert Z. Lawrence, Margareta Drzeniek Hanouz, and Sean Doherty, Editors

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Pascal Lamy

Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organization, shares his thoughts on the relevance of the Global Enabling Trade Report 2012.

Robert Lawrence

Robert Z. Lawrence, co-author of the Global Enabling Trade Report 2012 and Albert L. Williams Professor of International Trade and Investment at Harvard Kennedy School, explains the methodology behind the country rankings 

Margareta Drzeniek and Sean Doherty

The Global Enabling Trade Report 2012: Reducing Supply Chain Barriers measures the factors facilitating the free flow of goods over national borders and to destination. It is released every two years by the Supply Chain & Transport Industry Partnership and Competitiveness programmes of the World Economic Forum.