With the aim to identify, understand and relay unconventional sustainability business practices, in May 2010 the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Global Growth Companies initiated the “Sustainability through Innovation” project. Working in close partnership with The Boston Consulting Group, the project explored how emerging market-based companies create innovative and profitable solutions to drive growth while exercising a positive influence on regional and global sustainability.

This report presents the project’s key findings from the in-depth research and interviews conducted with experts and chief executive officers of emerging market corporations. It showcases 16 companies designated “New Sustainability Champions” and highlights their unique practices that offer new approaches, not only for doing business in resource-constrained and population-stressed environments but, more importantly, for shaping a positive vision for future growth.

We trust that this publication will provide relevant input and inspire further dialogue among business, governments and public policy-makers on how businesses in emerging markets can grow profitably while contributing respectfully to their environments and societies.

Robert Greenhill
Managing Director
Centre for Business Engagement World Economic Forum

Jeremy Jurgens
Senior Director
Centre for Business Engagement World Economic Forum