Payments: Cashless World and
Non-traditional Payment schemes
Insurance: Disaggregating Forces
and the Connected World
Savings & Lendings /
Primary Accounts
Capital Raising: Alternative
Capital Raising Platforms
Investment Management: Empowered
Market Provisioning: Smarter
Machines and Connecting Trade
Non-tradional Payment schemes Crypto Currency P2P FX Mobile Money Cashless World Integrated Billing Mobile Payments Streamlined Payments Disaggregating Forces Sharing Economy Autonomous Vehicles Digital Distribution Securitization and Hedge Funds Connected World Internet of Things Advanced Sensor Wearable Computers Alternative Lending Platforms P2P Lending Alternative Adjudication Shifting Customer Preferences Virtual Technologies Mobile 3.0 Third- Party API Alternative Capital Raising Platforms Virtual Exchanges & Smart Contracts Crowdfunding Alternative Due Diligence Empowered Investors Automated Advice & Management Social Trading Retail Algorithmic Trading Next Generation of Process Externalization Open source IT Advanced Algorithms Cloud- Computing Connecting Buyers and Sellers Market Information Platforms Automated Data Collection & Analysis Smarter, Faster Machines Social Sentiment Big Data Machine Readable News Artificial Intellgence / Machine Learning Streamlined Infrastucture Automation of High-Value Activities Reduced Intermediation Customer Empowerment Niche, Specialized Products Strategic Role of Data